Specializing in the production of fabricated

steel bridge, modular steel bridge

Central Deck Slab

Support Plate

Negative Head End Post

We first use a series of process improvements, such as: advanced automatic welding robot welding process; the four hole boring machine for a one-time four pin holes; the large closed blasting derusting processing by membrane cleaning machine; complete all processing and assembling procedure.

Create an intelligent industrial revolution

Our company carries out self-inspection, mutual inspection and final inspection of all products, ensuring the integrity of the process, the accuracy of parts, the smoothness of appearance and the safety of use, ensuring the superior position of products in the same industry. To reliable quality, efficient production and abide by the integrity of our country as a prefabricated highway steel bridge excellent supplier.

Applications: military, water conservancy, highways, railways and so on

We have reliable quality, efficient production, and abide by the integrity of our country as a pre-assembled steel bridge excellent supplier.


Has advanced production equipment and

testing equipment

The company received a number

of accreditation

To provide customers with excellent quality


From foundry to finished product process development, manufacturing and processing

Business: highway steel bridge equipment, road construction and maintenance equipment, highway bridge accessories design, manufacture and sale of steel bridge material production and marketing; import and export trade, etc.



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